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Episode 75: Bans Off Our Bodies

This week, with the help of Ming Chen of A Shared Universe PodcaStudio, Amy is joined by a special guest co-host to discuss the upcoming Bans Off our Bodies rally to be held in Springwood Park on Saturday at 4PM.
Comedian and fellow Asbury Park Women’s Convention founder Jess Alaimo helps Amy welcome community activist Michelle Gladden, Ocean high school student Nevaeh Sickles, and musician/mixed martial artist Angie Sugrim.
They discuss what brought them to this moment and what you can expect from the rally.

Episode 67: Kay Harris & Michelle Gladden of the Asbury Park Museum

This week, with the help of Ming Chen from A Shared Universe PodcaStudio, Amy & Joe welcome Kay Harris and, for her second appearance on AP Pod, but wearing a different hat, Michelle Gladden, President and Secretary, respectively, of the of the Asbury Park Museum.

The mission of the Asbury Park Museum is to re-introduce, educate and advance an understanding and appreciation of the history of the diverse, progressive, resort and urban community of Greater Asbury Park, New Jersey—the birthplace of both 3-n-1 oil and the song Honeysuckle Rose—two of the many many interesting facts that you can discover at the museum.

Asbury Pod 7: Michelle Gladden

Amy & Joe talk journalistic stuff with Michelle Gladden, who shares her take on local government & Asbury’s history