Tag: Asbury Park Toy Drive

Episode 83: Michelle Grezner & Celia Cattani talk about the Asbury Park Holiday Toy Drive

This week Amy & Joe, with the help of Ming Chen of A Shared Universe, talk all things Christmas and the Asbury Park Holiday Toy Drive with repeat guest Michelle Grezner of the Asbury Park Kiwanis Club and new guest Celia Cattani from Community Karma. They discuss what’s been happening with the Asbury Park Toy Drive since Connie Breech retired to its current incarnation, plus their plans for the future. Welcome, Michelle and Celia!

Episode 23: Connie Breech vs. Covid-19

Amy & Joe talk with Connie Breech, a member of Asbury Park’s finest, while social distancing from their respective homes with the help of Ming Chen from A Shared Universe PodcaStudio. Hear Connie discuss her experience having covid-19, her recovery, and what’s next for the Asbury Park Toy Drive.