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Episode 81: Henry Vaccaro

This week Amy & Joe welcome Henry Vaccaro, a fixture here in Asbury Park. We talk to Henry about growing up in and around Asbury Park and the many careers he has had in life, first as a builder, then the unlikely owner of the world-famous Kramer guitar company and then how he became close friends with Bob Wootton and Johnny Cash and restored the Berkeley Carteret Hotel.
A new guitar that Vaccaro just got a patent on. His plan is to restart his guitar company in Asbury Park.

Episode 72: Legendary Councilwoman Eileen Chapman

This week with the help of Ming Chen of A Shared Universe PodcaStudio, Amy & Joe welcome Eileen Chapman, Asbury Park City Councilperson, Director of the Bruce Springsteen Archives & Center for American Music for Monmouth University, Board Member of the Asbury Park Music Foundation—and member of a long list of other Asbury-centric organizations.
We talk to Eileen about the upcoming Summer Concert Series, Music Mondays at Springwood Park,and along the way hear what it was like to work at and manage the legendary Mrs. J’s, the legendary Stone Pony and the legendary Fast Lane and other equally boring and uninteresting places.

Episode 37: Caroline O’Toole

Amy and Joe talk with rock & roll royalty Caroline O’Toole, manager of The Stone Pony, while social distancing from their respective homes with the help of Ming Chen from A Shared Universe PodcaStudio. This week we continue our series of conversations about the pandemic and its effect on our little corner of the world. We talk about live music in the age of covid, The Stone Pony’s charitable outreach during the crisis, the only time Caroline was star-struck, and what not to wear when on stage.

Asbury Pod 16: Councilwoman Yvonne Clayton

Amy & Joe sit down with Yvonne Clayton, Asbury Park councilwoman. Everything you wanted to know her life, her youth in Asbury Park, her status as “most jacked councilperson”, dragonboat racing, Asbury Park African American Music Project, and more.