Episode 63: Sam Herried’s Journey From Alaska to Asbury

Amy Quinn and Joe Walsh talk to Sam Herried with the help of Ming Chen from A Shared Universe PodcaStudio. If you have not ridden a mountain bike on a Glacier Range in Alaska on your way to work, well neither have we. But today we are talking to Sam Herried, native of Fairbanks, Alaska, and PhD researcher in glaciology, who has. We talk to Sam about funding, conducting and publishing glacier research as a citizen scientist, all while holding down a barista job at the world-famous Asbury Roastery on the boardwalk. But as you will hear, Sam’s many other interests proved too fascinating for us to stay on just one topic–so we grilled him about training for 100km ultramarathons, how does one play piano, drums and sing at the same time? and are there outdoor cats near the Arctic Circle? So many things that we might need to bring him back for a part II.

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