Episode 56: Tee Gates, Asbury Park’s first Black woman Fire Marshal

This week Amy and Joe, with the help of Ming Chen from A Shared Universe PodcaStudio, welcome Tee Gates, the first Black Woman to serve as Fire Marshall for the city of Asbury Park—which is apparently a family tradition. She also is the daughter of the first Black Female Police Officer to serve in Asbury Park. We talk to Tee about her 32 years in and around the Asbury Park Firehouse and find out what responsibilities the Fire Marshall has. Other important take-aways include, remembering to keep your propane tanks outside, never to chain your fire doors and that, inexplicably, there is no women’s restroom in the Asbury Park Firehouse.

1 comment on “Episode 56: Tee Gates, Asbury Park’s first Black woman Fire Marshal

  1. Dr. Trudi HarrisJohnson says:

    I am so very Proud of my Family for the Service they have given to the City of Asbury Park. We stand for Pride,Dedication and Commitment in all that we do! Tee has performed above and beyond in her position with the Fire Department and is well deserving of this new position and recognition!
    I know she will continue to Perform with tenacity and persistence as she endeavors to make the Asbury Park Fire Department Outstanding in its Service to the Community!

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