Episode 52: Jacki and Dom from Purple Glaze

This week Amy and Joe welcome Jacki & Dom from Purple Glaze while social distancing from their respective homes with the help of Ming Chen from A Shared Universe PodcaStudio.   As you know here at Asbury Pod we only ask the toughest questions, like “What podcast are you listening to?” and “Is there anything good on Netflix?” This week we solve the existential question, “what are you to do when you get bored a week into your retirement?” The answer is–of course–you go to culinary school and open up a world-famous donut shop. Note to those who pronounce it cull-inary, do not @ me. Joining us a week into their second retirement, are Jacki Sharpe and Dominic Latoracca, founders of the Internationally Famous (Hello Toronto!) Purple Glaze Donut shop to talk about the how Purple Glaze came to be, its immediate popularity and how if you reach out to someone whose wallet you find in the street, maybe you can retire a second time.

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