Episode 49: The Owners of Macrobites

This week Amy and Joe welcome David Lewis Jr and Jarrett Atkins, who together with their partner Fritz Georges, form the power trio behind MacroBites, the Healthy Meal Delivery Service and Cafe, while social distancing from their respective homes with the help of Ming Chen from A Shared Universe PodcaStudio.­­ By itself, three childhood friends putting incarceration behind them to become entrepreneurs, is a great story. But what happens when you start a new business on the eve of a global pandemic which immediately eats 40% of your revenue instead of your food? Rather than closing up shop and going home, the trio went big, expanded their delivery service to 35 states and opened up a storefront on Springwood Avenue here in Asbury Park. Theirs is a story about good friends, good food, resiliency and is a little good news in world of bad.

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