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Episode 18: Garrett Giberson, Jr.

Amy & Joe sit down with Garrett Giberson, Director of the Office of Emergency Management for Asbury Park and Fire Inspector while social distancing from their respective homes with the help of Ming Chen from A Shared Universe PodcaStudio. Hear Garrett discuss his upbringing in Asbury Park, Asbury Park’s response to COVID-19, and the weirdest thing he’s seen during a fire inspection.

Asbury Pod 17: Tom Pivinski

Amy & Joe sit down with Tom Pivinski, Chair of the Asbury Park Environment & Shade Tree Commission and former New York priest. Hear him discuss his love of Asbury Park, make the correlation between being a master gardener and his work in the church, and how he and his husband Malcolm met. Also listen to Amy & Joe’s sweet summer musings on the looming pandemic, as this was recorded 3 weeks before it all went to pot.

Asbury Pod 16: Councilwoman Yvonne Clayton

Amy & Joe sit down with Yvonne Clayton, Asbury Park councilwoman. Everything you wanted to know her life, her youth in Asbury Park, her status as “most jacked councilperson”, dragonboat racing, Asbury Park African American Music Project, and more.

Asbury Pod 15: Patricia A. Patton

Amy & Joe sit down with Patricia Patton, local bon vivant/renaissance woman. Everything you wanted to know her life, her advocacy for cannabis, and more.

Asbury Pod 14: Rudy Corona

Amy & Joe sit down with Rudy Corona, Superintendent/Chief Operator City of Asbury Park’s Water Quality Control Facility (aka the sewer plant on the north end of the boardwalk. Everything you wanted to know about waste treatment, Asbury Park history, & Rudy’s childhood as a member of jazz royalty.